By offering a comprehensive, global business platform for clients and their products, we have built a strong cooperation relationship with brand name service partners dedicated to work with our clients and provide them with business planning, marketing promotion strategies, sales packages and all-in-one sales and marketing as well as operational management proposals. We also practice in areas of trade shows and product launch conference. That includes but not limited to:

• Logistics i.e. storage, transportation, customs clearance

• Product Qualification certification and certification

• Legal Service

• After-sale Service

• Legal Service

• Accounting and Finance

• Translation

• Business Service Centre


Our Business Service Centre model is A Campus Business Economic Engine

To equip our trade exhibition and distribution projects with business development platform is the creation of a sales and marketing service hub within our project business campus environment that helps new business owners get the best chance to succeed by aggregating services and expertise under one roof. We create scale and power greater than an individual entity through a brand to maximize the business potential of store owners. The brand is not just a promise, it is an expectation. The centre’s marketing and distribution services entity does more than to satisfy marketing and sales needs, it helps business owners to create sales revenue by leveraging the scale and scope of the campus. The HUB is the economic engine that proactively builds the campus brand and creates economic opportunity for campus businesses. The HUB staffed by professionals and specialists with access to a universe of resources that will seek and serve the needs and creates economic advantage of the storefronts residing in the campus of our trade centre projects.

These essential features of services and resources are planned steps the Service Centre will provide to ensure our storefront owners will succeed and sustain their business establishment and making a good return of their investment, therefore keep the jobs and economic growth within the area of our projects.


The service hub model is to serve six principle purposes:

• Creating a community of excellence representing international manufacturing in several key consumer goods categories

• Branding this excellence through a community approach to marketing and sales

• Delivering on the excellence through recognized ISO performance measurements

• Making our project business campus the destination for wholesale and retail buyers in North America to purchase goods

• Aggregating services and expertise as well as creating economies of scale by creating a power greater than any individual entity through a share brand of destination


The service hub will provide the essential business services that new international companies need to be successful in North America.


Marketing & Sales

• Logo and/or brand creation

• Sell sheets / print material

• Design catalogues

• Promotions

• Support materials for sales agents and distribution channels

• Website / Search Engine Optimization / E-Blasts

• Social Media

• Brochure, Sell Sheet and Catalogue Printing

• Trade Show Services


Operational Service

• Logistics: Custom Clearance, Shipping, Fulfillment, Warehousing

• Office Services: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Insurance, Preferred Vendor Program

• Legal Services: Incorporations, Trademarks, Contracts, Business Advice

• Dedicated B2B Networks and system


Brightenview continues to refine and define our project business service centre functions by our businesses and enterprises’s needs while bringing expertise and resources together with our engaged strategic services providing partners. The Service Centre establishment and operational implementation are important features of Brightenview’s international business development projects, and to demonstrate to the markets and to our business investors what we are prepared to maximize the opportunities for their business to succeed and to largely mitigate business investment risk in a new market place.