To make it affordable and achievable for most people, Saskatoon’s government has carried out a series of housing policies and it is working hard for keeping Saskatoon’s housing price the lowest among cities in Canada.Saskatoon’s property has the most hidden potential for value appreciation. For example, an executive detached 2-storey house costs from C$460,000 to C$507,000 and the price for a detached bungalow is between C$314,000 and C$380,000, according to the 2nd quarter report of 2012 and either is the lowest of the 9 core cities in Canada.(the last sentence has been eliminated)

Excluding business and industry centres, Downtown Saskatoon can be divided into four residential divisions, Nutana, Lakeview, the Northeast, and the West where the housing price varies. The 1st quarter report showed houses in Lakeview and the northeast cost C$511,688 and C$512,588, given their accessibility to the university, while housing price is comparatively lower in west district. In addition, a number of new projects have been developed in the outlying area, and homebuyers are being attracted by the accessible traffic, excellent living condition and extensive facilities of those communities.



Stonebridge, one of Saskatoon’s newest developed mixed-use neighbourhoods, is located to the south of Circle Drive, to the east of Clarence Avenue and to the west of Highway 11. Stonebridge will be completed as one of the largest neighbourhood developments in Saskatoon, including shopping centres, offices, schools, a hotel and residential use, and it will also be equipped with over one hundred acres of green space.

Stonebridge has grown at a rapid pace since 2005 when the residential development began. The average sale price of a residential dwelling in 2011 was C$336,445.


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BRIARWOOD (Southeast)

Briarwood is a symbol of affluence and wealth, which is reflected I the housing stock where homes priced at twice and three times the average are commonplace. The neighbourhood is developed with parks, schools, man-made lakes, baseball and other facilities. Briarwood is located at the southeast of the city, with easy access to Circle Drive. It is just minutes from the university campus and downtown Saskatoon. There’s plenty of shopping within easy driving distance as well. The world class Willows Golf and Country Club and the Saskatoon Golf and Country Club can also be reached by car in a few minutes.

In 2011, the average sale price for residential dwelling in Briarwood was C$448,573.


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Willogrove is a residential subdivision located in northeast Saskatoon. The neighbourhood plan includes a civic centre, parks, schools and a community centre. The neighbourhood will offer residents a soccer pitch, a softball field and an open play area. Future plans also include a water feature and a toboggan hill.

The average sale price for residential dwelling in 2011 was C$439,810.


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Lawson Heights is now fully mature so beautiful landscapes and large trees are everywhere. The area’s eastern border overlooks Meewasin Park and the South Saskatchewan River, and it only takes a few minutes to access to the university with a scenic drive. Shopping opportunities are nearly unlimited starting with the mall at Lawson heights; downtown Saskatoon and Preston Crossing Centre are just a quick jaunt. Lawson Heights also offers beautiful green spaces, soccer fields, a swimming pool and other facilities. The community is famous for its education by offering two elementary schools and two high schools.

In 2011, the average sale price for residential dwelling in the area was C$287,382.


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Varsity View (Central Campus Area)

Located immediately to the south of the university of Saskatchewan campus, Varsity View is primarily a residential neighbourhood. The cycle of renewal is in full swing and nearly two hundred new homes have been added to the area to replace the old ones. The neighbourhood is home to two elementary schools --- Bishop Murray and Brunskill School. There are four public parks in the area with tennis and playgrounds. Residents often enjoy the amenities shared with Nutana, Clarence and the University.

The average sale price of residential dwelling in 2011 was C$372,466.


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