For many families schools are a big consideration and as such Saskatoon includes various levels of education ranging from K-12 to post secondary. There are many types of elementary and high schools available in Saskatoon, including public schools, catholic schools, francophone schools, and private schools where kids can enjoy high-quality teaching, flexible curriculums and interesting content.

For example, Lakeview Public School, concentrating on education from kindergarten to grade 8, offers bilingual courses (French and English), and arts projects as well as diverse extracurricular activities. Another case in point is Walter Murray, a high school that provides abundant courses and innovative course selection systems, aiming at combining programs and students’ interests together. They also provide various fine arts courses, and design advanced courses for top students specifically. University of Saskatchewan is also located in Saskatoon, which is well known for its affordable tuition fee and comprehensive programs. Moreover, SIAST, a skill-training institute also opens a branch school in the city.